Pimples on Buttocks

Butt pimples can be a sign of acne. Acne (skin disorder) commonly occurs on the face and the back but many times can also affect the buttocks. Although butt acne is away from the public eye, they are a cause of great discomfort while sitting or lying down. Hormonal imbalance or eating unhealthy food are the most common causes of butt acne.


Acne Cleansers: Firstly, you need to clean the affected area, before application of any skin care products. Keeping the affected area, clean and dry is a pre-requisite to speed up healing. Do not wash the butt with normal soaps that are used during a bath. Instead go for acne cleansers, that have constituents like lavender essential oil or tea tree oil.

Acne Skin Care Products: There are quite a few popular brands making quality skin care products to treat acne effectively. The Zenmed Derma Cleanse system and the ‘Exposed’ skin care product have received positive customer reviews. These products have been specially designed for sensitive skin. Acne skin care products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are also useful to make these pimples disappear.

Increase Water Intake: Talking about natural acne cures and one simply cannot forget the importance of water consumption. It is a must for acne sufferers to drink plenty of water. Accumulation of toxins in the body can aggravate butt acne. By increasing water intake (3-4 liters), one can eliminate the toxins effectively. This in turn helps to get rid of butt pimples.

Healthy Diet: A healthy diet specifically formulated for people with acne, must be strictly followed. In order to clear away these pimples, having a fiber-rich diet is essential. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoiding fast foods as well as salty snacks, is the key to decrease the size of the pimples. With daily nutritious meals, the pimples will eventually go away.

Clothing: The kind of clothes you wear can have a significant impact on acne affected skin. Wearing extremely tight underwears or those made from polyester or nylon can irritate the skin and worsen acne. Instead, opt for cotton underwears, as cotton clothing, promote better air circulation, thus keeping the acne affected skin cool and dry. On the other hand, synthetic material like polyester, restricts free flow of air. As a result, the body sweat is not observed and the skin remains moist. This can actually aggravate the acne condition. No wonder, people with acne-prone skin are often advised to wear cotton clothes.

Large pimples on buttocks may be a symptom of a severe form of acne (cystic acne). In such cases, you need to visit a dermatologist to know the exact treatment plan to eliminate this skin problem.