Foods that fight acne : Acne Prevention through Diet

Acne prevention is very much possible if your daily diet is well balanced. It is a long drawn process, but definitely a rewarding one. Read on to know the foods you need to include to make your skin clean and clear.

Acne is a universal problem. It does not discriminate between color, creed or caste. A bold problem as such, has to be treated in a bolder way. Dealing with the root cause of acne is the remedy for treating it permanently, than just treating it on the superficial level. Our skin is essentially the reflection of who we are on the inside. Thus, our diet plays a huge role in determining how our skin looks. Making simple changes in your diet can help prevent acne to a large extent. A healthy diet that provides the body right kind of nutrition is much more important than topical application of ointments that suppress acne on temporary basis.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A plays a huge role in determining the condition of your skin. Thus, dietary intake of vitamin A is compulsory for those who are suffering from any sort of skin issues, especially acne. Fish oils (especially cod liver oil), dairy products, carrots, mango, and vegetables that have retinol must be a part of your daily diet. Yams, apricots, cantaloupes and green leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamin A. Include vitamin A in one of your meals everyday to see a substantial effect in a month’s time.
Acne is many times a problem of toxins inside the body. These toxins not only result in body acne, but can also pose a great threat to your health in general. Thus, detoxification of your body is extremely important if you are dealing with acne issues. Fibrous foods help the body to eliminate toxins by bringing in bowel regularity. They act as detoxification agents and clean your skin tissues by default. Vegetables, whole grains, pastas, flax seeds and oatmeal are rich sources of fibrous food, which can improve your skin condition.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C is known to build your immune system, heal wounds and is also an antioxidant. As acne breakouts are a sign of poor immune system which result in wounds, intake of vitamin C can help to cure acne. Almost all vegetables and fruits contain vitamin C. Oranges, lemon juice, broccoli and cantaloupes are the richest sources of vitamin C. Topical application of vitamin C stimulates collagen and thereby prevents your skin from premature aging and helps in erasing acne scars.
Zinc is very popularly prescribed for acne prevention. It encourages cell growth and allows regeneration of skin. Following this, zinc is commonly used in treating skin conditions, such as acne. To increase dietary intake of zinc, include pumpkin seeds, lean red meat, lima beans, oysters, chickpeas, sesame seeds and a little bit of chocolate too. Chocolates are known to have antioxidants which benefit your skin. Daily intake of 45mg and 60mg of zinc is good enough for treating acne.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is known as the beauty vitamin, as it protects the skin from aging due to oxidative stress, brings a glow and improves its health. Oxidative stress is a result of interaction between free radicals and molecules within your cells. This kind of stress is the main reason for several acne problems today. Turnip greens, almonds, spinach, papaya, mustard greens, chard, sunflower seeds and blueberries are excellent sources of vitamin E. Taking vitamin E supplements will also serve the purpose.
Getting the right diet is important while treating acne. Deficiency of any vitamin or mineral will aggravate the problem further. For acne prevention one needs to increase their daily water intake. Water flushes out the toxins and over a period of time makes your skin look radiant and youthful.