Cost of Acne Laser Treatment and The Risks Involved

Acne is a skin condition that typically affects adolescents and youth. It is also not uncommon to find young adults in mid or late twenties suffering from an occasional bout of acne. In most cases, the acne that becomes a nuisance in puberty quietly takes a backstage as you mature. However, in some unfortunate individuals, the wicked acne accompanies them in their thirties or even forties. In such cases, the usual over the counter acne control medications won’t clear the acne completely. Persistent acne removal can be accomplished only with certain cosmetic treatments such as laser. Acne laser treatment is widely becoming popular due to its bright results and less recovery time. However, be prepared to shell anywhere between USD 900 – USD 5000.

Acne Laser Treatment

Diode laser treatment is the most popular form of acne scar laser treatment. In this method, a diode laser is used to send pulses of laser beam inside the skin. The laser effectively destroys the sebaceous glands in the skin, which are mainly responsible for producing acne. Sebaceous glands are active in the dermis or thick middle layer of the skin. It also kills the bacteria P.Acnes that are responsible for acne infection. Laser directly strikes the dermis without affecting the outer layer or epidermis. At a time, only a small area with acne is targeted in this treatment. The treatment involves fair amount of pain. However, analgesic creams are applied to numb the area, so that the treatment becomes virtually painless. You may require multiple sessions for the effects of the treatment to become evident. Usually, the acne reduces by about 5% after the first session itself. By the end of the third or last session, there is as high as 85% reduction in acne. Apart from clearing the acne, this treatment also improves the texture of the skin.

Acne Laser Treatment Cost

Similar to any other cosmetic procedure, cost of acne laser treatment is also dependent upon several external factors. Geographical location, locality of the clinic, expertise of the doctor, are some of the factors that influence the cost of laser treatment for acne. Besides, the facilities provided by the clinic also contribute towards the total cost of this treatment. The exact cost of this treatment is determined by number of sessions required and the cost per session. On an average, people need about 3 to 4 sessions of this treatment. In the US, the cost per session is about USD 300 to USD 500, which comes to about USD 900 to USD 2000 for the total treatment. Again a lot would depend upon your individual case and the fees of your doctor. People with severe acne infection and heavy scarring may have to shell around USD 5000 or more.


Compared to other cosmetic procedures, laser surgery for acne involves minimum risks. Redness, swelling is common after the session. However, it should subside within 3 to 4 hours of treatment. It is unusual for the redness to last longer than a couple of days. If it does, you should immediately see your doctor. The results of acne laser treatment can be expected only after 48 hours. People with darker complexions may see hyper pigmentation in the laser treated area. Again, this side effect is not of permanent consequence. People with lighter skin tones take more time to recover than those with dark skin tone. All in all, the side effects are worth taking a chance, given the promising results of the treatment.

This treatment is recommended only for people with moderate to severe acne break outs. People with mild acne should look out for other safer methods of acne removal.