How to treat Acne: Natural Treatments for Acne You Really Wanted to Know

Instead of using harsh chemicals to treat your acne, try these natural treatments. They’re cheaper and often work better than over-the-counter medicines.

If you have acne, you have probably spent a small fortune trying to find a treatment that actually works. For some, medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can work wonders. For others, it can just make the problem worse. Sometimes, these chemicals dry out the skin so much that the dead skin cells actually end up causing more acne than it is curing. Furthermore, these medications can be extremely expensive, and trying to find the right ratio of medication to inactive ingredients can definitely break the bank. Finally, many of these acne products work well until you stop using them, which means that you will forever be tied to the products you use on your face, and the companies that supply them. If you are at the end of the rope and stressed out over your acne, try some of these natural remedies before buying more products.
Clean Your Face
Girl washing her face
This might sound like an obvious treatment, but cleaning your face with the right soap just the right amount per day can clear up your acne quickly. It is possible to wash your face too much. In fact, over-drying the skin on your face can cause more acne, which is why some people get breakouts in the winter rather than in the summer. You should wash your face with a mild facial cleanser no more than twice a day. If you feel you have to wash your face more than that, try just using water that you splash on your face and pat off with a towel. This can help keep the moisture on your face while still ridding your skin of harmful things.
Eat Your Vitamins
Woman having breakfast
Sometimes, acne really can be a sign that you are not eating the right things. If you are not eating the right nutrients, your skin can become unbalanced and, therefore, acne can show up. If you change your eating habits, this can also contribute to acne flare ups. For example, if you have been a vegetarian for a long time and are suddenly eating meat again, this can cause your system to become unbalanced. Until it gets used to the balance again, try taking a multivitamin. Not only is this good for your health, but it is good for your skin, too. If you are used to a nutrient-heavy, plant-based diet and suddenly switch, or if you recently moved in with a roommate who eats differently than you do, it’s possible that you just need to make up for the nutrients you are missing from your previous diet. A multivitamin can be a quick, natural solution to that problem.
Wash Towels and Pillowcases
Cloths for washing
You should be washing your towels and pillowcases at least once a week, but if you find that you’ve tried everything to get rid of your acne and nothing is working, try washing them more often. Especially in the summer, we often sweat in our sleep. This can get on pillowcases and cause your just-cleaned skin to become immediately dirty again as soon as you lay your head on the pillow or dry off with a towel. Washing these items every other day can help keep you clean and your skin healthy.
Use Natural Face Masks
Woman applying face pack
Some of your favorite foods can become the best facial masks acne-prone skin can ask for. Lemon juice can help even out the tone and color of your skin if you leave it on for about a half an hour each day. Be sure to use fresh-squeezed lemon juice, though. Olive oil can also even out skin tone and add moisture and nutrients to your skin. Apple cider vinegar can tone your skin after cleansing. A quick internet search for more natural facial masks will yield many more results for you to try.